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Volume XXXIV, No. 1 Spring 2002

Presidential Science Advisor John Marburger
Presidential Science Adviser John Marburger, long a good Friend of the Center, speaking at the celebration. Click on photo to see a larger version.

Campaign Inaugurated on 40th Anniversary of the Niels Bohr Library

The "History that Matters" campaign to help save our heritage by enlarging the Center's endowment was formally opened on April 5, 2002 at a reception at the American Center for Physics in College Park, MD. The reception was in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Niels Bohr Library, which became an arm of the Center for History of Physics after the Center was created as a division of the American Institute of Physics.

"The enterprises which are now under way," said J. Robert Oppenheimer at the dedication ceremony for the new Library in 1962, "and for which this room will serve as hearth, should make it possible, if there are serious students of the human predicament in the future, to know very much more about what has befallen us than we who are acting and living in it." Since then the Library has become the world's premier repository for books, oral history interviews and many other materials documenting the history of modern physics, astronomy and geophysics. Along with the Center's other programs for education, outreach and archival preservation, the Library has established a matchless reputation for service.

For more information on the Library and its history, see "Preserving the Heritage of Discovery," by Center Director Spencer Weart, Physics Today (January 2002), online at:

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