AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXIV, No. 1 Spring 2002


Documentation Digitized

The following is a list of finding aids digitized and posted on the Physics History Finding Aids Web site since our previous report. All may be searched together at our site, Links to each of the individual finding aids listed may be found there.

Georgia Institute of Technology [jump to listing]

Joseph Ford Papers, 1953-1995 (bulk 1980-1994)

University of Pittsburgh [jump to listing]

Allegheny Observatory Records, 1850-1967

(On a related note, the University of Pittsburgh Digital Research Library is digitizing 10 volumes of star parallax data and calculations collected and produced by researchers working at the Observatory. The digitized versions of the Publications of the Allegheny Observatory are still under production, but will be available this summer. To learn more, visit:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution [jump to listing]

Nicholas P. Fofonoff Papers, 1961-1994
John Brackett Hersey Papers, 1940-1989
Charles Davis Hollister Papers, 1967-1998
John M. Hunt Papers, 1962-1994
Columbus Iselin Papers, 1904-1971
Raymond B. Montgomery Papers, 1928-1988
William Sterling von Arx Papers, 1942-1977

On Other Web Sites:

Charles Babbage Institute

Oral History Database: Search or browse the abstracts (and some full-text contents) of 272 oral history transcripts in the history of computer science.

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Archives and History Center

Photo Index: Search descriptions of the photographs in SLACís photo archive.

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