AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXVIII , No. 1, Spring 2006

  Needed: $240,000 to Complete History That Matters Campaign

By definition, important archival work like that of the AIP History Center should be maintained in perpetuity, and that requires adequate annual funding. The revolutionary work of physicists and other scientists in our times is bound to be of interest to people for centuries to come. The research itself will continue, and the responsibility to preserve its history and make it known likewise will not end.

Moreover, the Center's challenges keep multiplying with the adoption of newer communication and data storage methods, and the approaching end of the first flowering of modern physicsa century in which the number of graduates rose by orders of magnitude. Each year we mark the passing of familiar names who opened up entirely new branches of physics and allied sciences. The Center must increase both the scope and intensity of its activities to meet these new challenges while maintaining its responsibilities. This will require a healthy endowment of at least $40 million.

The Friends of the Center, not daunted by this ambitious long-term goal, are very close to completing the first phase of their plan: the campaign, "History That Matters," aimed to raise the Endowment from $5 million to $8 million. Now we need your help to close the last gap of $240,000 in this critical campaign to build for our future. Whether you're a member of the Friends of the Center or a new donor, please make a contribution now or contact us to set up a challenge grant or pledge a multi-year gift. Call 301-209-3006 or e-mail the Center at


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