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Fred Hoyle lecturing at Rice University, March 1975. Rice University, March 1975. Photo courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Clayton Collection.

This mystery photo was mis-identified in our collection as Jean Bernard Leon Foucault. It was donated to us by
E. Scott Barr, and he obtained it from the Smithsonian Institution. Can you identify who is in the photo? 

If so, please let us know: send e-mail to, call 301-209-3184, or write AIP History Center, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740.

Thank you for your help!

Nobody could think of extemporizing lessons on, say, Greek history or the history of German literature, but one finds it quite natural that a professor of mathematics for instance, starts a series of

lectures on the history of mathematics without any serious preparation. This is another proof of the low esteem in which History of Science is held.

—George Sarton, 1916

Eclipse study of the Bellingshausen Eclipse, May 30, 1965. L-R: Spencer Weart, Jim Faller, John Malville, Jack Brandt, Jim Brault, Jack Eddy, John Jefferies, Frank Orrall, Paul Kellogg, Tau Mairau (with bird and bottle of Hinano), M. Drollet (with Lynda), Dave Hultquist, Jim Rosen, Bill Curtis, Bill Varbel (Cook), Serge Korff, Don Trumbo, Bill Livingston (not present).

Historians of science often point with pride to the rapid growth of our field during the last three

decades. We must not conceal from ourselves, however, that, relative to the vast intellectual terrain for which we hold scholarly responsibility, we remain thinly scattered settlers. We have established a few well-populated strongholds, beyond which we can claim only widely dispersed frontier outposts.

—Frederick L. Holmes

Dr. Mil
dred Dresselhaus received the 2005 11th Heinz Award for Technology, The Economy
and Employment.

Historical materials can be useful, even indispensable, in science education provided—and this is a major qualification — that they are used to inculcate science, not history of sociology.

John Heilbron ["History as a Collaborator of Science"]

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