AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume 41, No. 1, Spring 2009

Documentation Preserved: New Collections and Finding Aids
Compiled by Jennifer S. Sullivan

Our report of new collections or new finding aids is based on our regular survey of archives and other repositories. Many of the collections are new accessions, which may not be processed, and we also include previously reported collections that now have an online finding aid available.

To learn more about any of the collections listed below, use the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences at You can search in a variety of ways including by author, or by repository.

Please contact the repository for information on restrictions and access to the collections.


Simon Fraser University. University Archives. Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 156, Canada.

Gordon Shrum papers. Collection Dates: 1962–1971.

Carnegie Institution of Washington. Department of Terrestrial Magnetism. Library and Archives. 5241 Broad Branch Road, NW, Washington, DC 20015, USA.

Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Terrestrial Archives Seismology Program records. Collection Dates: 1932–2001 (bulk 1947–1965). Size: 20.5 linear feet; 2 oversize records center cartons, 10 records center cartons, 4 document boxes, 1 half document box, 4 flat boxes, 4 shoeboxes, 4 film boxes, 1 map case drawer.

Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Land Magnetic Survey records. Collection Dates: 1905–1945. Size: 75 linear feet (34 records center boxes, 10 map folders).

Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Terrestrial Magnetism general files. Collection Dates: 1904–present. Size: 50 linear feet (29 file drawers, 14 map case folders).

Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Terrestrial Magnetism instrument and equipment records. Collection Dates: 1892–1970 (bulk 1905–1945). Size: 23 linear feet (9 records center cartons, 11 shoeboxes, 15 map folders.

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Archives. Stanford University. Stanford, CA 94305, USA.

Robert S. Norris papers. Collection Dates: 1898–2003. Size: 90 manuscript boxes.

New Mexico State University. Archives and Special Collections Dept. P.O. Box 30006, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003, USA.

Ernst August Steinhoff papers. Collection Dates: 1943–1982. Size: 11 cubic feet.

Robert Golden papers. Collection Dates: 1956–1996, (bulk 1968–1988). Size: 116 boxes.

Pennsylvania State University. Libraries. Special Collections Division. University Park, PA 16802, USA.

Pennsylvania State University Physics Department records. Collection Dates: 1958–1971. Size: 2 cubic feet. Restrictions: Non-public university records are restricted from public use for 20 years after the date of their creation. Any student records and/or personnel files are restricted for 72 years or until the death of the person concerned. These materials are stored offsite. Allow three days advance notice to use the materials.

Rockefeller Archive Center. 15 Dayton Ave, Pocantico Hills, North Tarrytown, NY 10591, USA.

E. G. D. Cohen papers. Size: 15 Cubic feet. Restrictions: Collection closed pending processing.

Frederick Seitz papers. Size: 308 cubic feet. Restrictions: Record groups 304-U and A450 Se450-U are closed pending processing.

Stanford University. Department of Special Collections and University Archives. Stanford, CA 94305, USA.

United States of America v. American Telephone & Telegraph legal documents. Collection Dates: 1974–1982. Size: 6 volumes (3 linear feet).

Steven Chu papers. Collection Dates: 1949–2004 (bulk 1975–2004). Size: 4 linear feet.

Lydik S. Jacobsen papers. Collection Dates: 1948–1958. Size: .5 linear feet.

National management of high-energy physics facilities papers. Collection Dates: 1964–1965. Size: 1 folder.

John Dirk Walecka notebooks. Collection Dates: 1960–1986 Size: 3 linear feet.

University of California, Irvine. University Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections. P.O. Box 19557, Irvine, CA 92623, USA.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation Nuclear Training Center manuals. Collection Dates: 1982–1983. Size: 1.1 linear feet. Restrictions: The collection is open for research.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Carol M. Newman Library. Special Collections Department. P. O. Box 90001, Blacksburg, VA 24062, USA.

Richard Zallen papers. Collection Dates: 1957–2006. Size: 36 boxes 17.4 cubic feet.


American Philosophical Society. Library 105 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA.

Walter S. Adams papers. Collection Dates: 1881–1939. Size: 0.25 linear feet.

Benjamin Smith Barton miscellaneous papers. Collection Dates: 1788–1815. Size: 2 linear feet.

Giambatista Beccaria papers. Collection Dates: 1766–1779. Size: 64 items (0.75 linear feet).

W. Mansfield Clark papers. Collection Dates: 1903–1964. Size: 17 boxes (7.5 linear feet).

Edward Condon papers. Collection Dates: circa 1920–1974. Size: circa 75,000 items (75 linear feet).

Walter B. Goad papers. Collection Dates: 1942–2000. Size: 6 linear feet.

Edward G. Ramberg papers. Collection Dates: 1921–1994 (bulk 1940–1994). Size: 11 linear feet.

John Clarke Slater papers. Collection Dates: 1908–1976. Size: circa 50,000 items (81 linear feet).

Henry De Wolf Smyth papers. Collection Dates: [circa 1939]–1986. Size: circa 55 linear feet.

Elihu Thomson papers. Collection Dates: 1853–1955. Size: 18.5 linear feet.

John Howard Wurts lectures on natural history and natural philosophy. Collection Dates: 1858. Size: 1 volume (323 pages).

California Institute of Technology. Institute Archives. 1201 East California Blvd. (Mail Code 015A–74), Pasadena, CA 91125, USA.

Ira Sprague Bowen papers. Collection Dates: 1916–1961. Size: 2.5 linear feet (6 boxes).

Cornell University. Carl A. Kroch Library. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections. 2B Carl A Kroch Library, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA.

Paul Hartman papers. Collection Dates: 1944–1993. Size: 2 cubic feet.

John DeWire papers. Collection Dates: 1945–1982. Size: 1 cubic foot.

Douglas Fitchen papers. Collection Dates: 1962–2008. Size: 8 cubic feet. Restrictions: Collection closed for processing; contact repository for more information.

David M. Lee papers. Collection Dates: 1935–1996. Size: 11 items.

Dartmouth College. Rauner Special Collections Library. Hanover, NH 03755, USA.

Sanborn Conner Brown papers. Collection Dates: circa 1818–1982. Size: 42 linear feet (28 boxes).

Eye Institute records. Collection Dates: 1928–1952. Size: 57 boxes and 1 portfolio (45 linear feet).

Allen L. King papers. Collection Dates: 1863–2003. Size: 31 boxes (47 linear feet).

Walter Stockmayer papers. Collection Dates: 1901–2004. Size: 29 boxes, 44 linear feet.

Library of Congress. Manuscript Division. James Madison Memorial Building, First Street and Independence Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20540, USA.

Thomas O. Paine papers. Collection Dates: 1931–1992 (bulk 1960–1982). Size: 64,050 items. 185 containers. 73.2 linear feet. Restrictions: Classified, in part.

Kaj Strand. Collection Dates: 1895–1999 (bulk 1947–1977). Size: 16 linear feet.

University of Chicago. The Joseph Regenstein Library. Department of Special Collections. 1100 East 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637, USA.

Atomic Scientists of Chicago records. Collection Dates: 1945–1955 bulk 1945–1949. Size: 17 feet.

Walter Bartky papers. Collection Dates: 1940–1957. Size: 1 linear foot.

Ugo Fano papers. Collection Dates: circa 1960s–1980s. Size: 10 linear feet. Restrictions: Contact repository for information on access.

Paul S. Henshaw papers. Collection Dates: 1945–1949. Size: 1.5 linear feet.

Lawrence H. Lanzl papers. Collection Dates: circa 1940s–1990s. Size: 34.25 linear feet. Restrictions: Contact repository for information on access.

James O’Flaherty papers. Restrictions: Box 4 contains photocopied material related to an editorial review of Isaiah Berlin’s The Magus of the North: J. G. Hamann and the Origins of Modern Irrationalism. The originals of this material are located at the University of Muenster, Germany. Any citation, quotation, or publication of this material requires the prior permission of the University of Muenster. The remainder of the collection is open for research, with no restrictions.

William Fielding Ogburn papers. Collection Dates: 1915–1959.

Robert L. Platzman papers. Collection Dates: 1944–1952. Size: .1 linear feet. Restrictions: No restrictions.

Eugene Rabinowitch papers. Collection Dates: 1954–1964. Size: circa 10 feet.

Marcel Schein papers. Collection Dates: 1938–1960. Size: 4 linear feet.

John A. Simpson papers. Collection Dates: 1940–1988. Size: 195 linear feet. 432 linear feet (additions). Restrictions: Contact repository for information on access.

Albion Woodbury Small papers. Collection Dates: 1904–1924. Size: 2 boxes.

University of Chicago, Physical Sciences Division papers. Collection Dates: 1937–1949. Size: 13.5 feet.

Washington Association of Scientists records. Collection Dates: 1947–1957. Size: 31 folders.

M. Wilkening papers. Collection Dates: 1940–1992. Size: .5 linear feet. Restrictions: No restrictions.

Yerkes Observatory, Office of the Director records. Collection Dates: 1891–1946.

Edwin Brant Frost papers. Collection Dates: 1899–1904; 1908, 1923–1924. Size: 2 linear feet (4 boxes). Restrictions: The collection is open for research.

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