AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume 41, No. 1, Spring 2009

Help Us Improve Our Website

Each year we add more and more content to the Library & Archives and History Center Website. Our site now showcases more than 300 oral history transcripts, 15,000 photos, 12 exhibits, catalog records for over 9,000 archival collections, and a whole lot more. All this information makes a great resource, but it can also make the site a little overwhelming. We’ve started a multi-year project to update the site and make it more attractive and easier to use. Now we want you to tell us how we’re doing—and how we can do better.

We’ve recently launched an online survey, using Survey Monkey, to get feedback on users’ understanding of—and interactions with—our online resources, particularly the International Catalog of Sources (ICOS), our online catalog of archival collections of physicists’ papers in many collections around the world. We’re also starting a regular feature in the AIP History Newsletter containing tips on how to search the site more effectively. We want to hear from you if you see something you don’t understand or have suggestions for improvements. Please send us an email at, using the subject line “Website feedback,” or give us a call at 301-209-3177.

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