Please help us contact...

...the individuals listed below or their heirs so we can put their oral history interviews online. The Library’s project to mount the transcripts of our most valuable oral histories on the web is coming to a successful conclusion.

Currently, one can read interviews with over 500 physicists and astronomers, including figures like Bohr, Bethe, Chandrasekhar, Gell-Mann, and Rabi, and listen to voice clips of Heisenberg, Gamow, and others, by clicking on the list of names at oralhistory.html. For a full description of the project, which is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, see our Fall 2008 newsletter (

Contacting interviewees and heirs for permissions is one of the most important and most time consuming parts of the project, and you and other newsletter readers have been of enormous help in the past. We are counting on you now to help us include these important individuals in our new online archive. If you have contact information or other information, please get in touch with Julie Gass by e-mail at or call 301-209-3182.

Bassani, Franco
Bogdanov, M. A.
Bok, Bart Jan
Chang, Yu-Che
Cocke, W. J.
Frank, Sir Charles
Law, Margaret E.
Lonardi, Alberto
Massevitch, A. C.
McVittie, George C.
Nordheim, Lothar
Oda, Minow
Udintsev, Gleb B.
Wesselink, Adriaan Jan

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