Development at AIP

This past November, the Development Office hosted the inaugural meeting of the newly formed Development Board at AIP headquarters in College Park, MD. The meeting served as an important first step toward creating the culture of philanthropy within the physics community that is necessary if we are to continue to strengthen and expand the programs of the Physics Resources Center (PRC).The meeting featured presentations by Development Office staff on the future of Development efforts at AIP, presentations by the heads of all PRC divisions on external funding opportunities within their divisions, and a presentation by fundraising consultant Diane Berry Love, who spoke to the Development Board about the basics of non-profit fundraising.

The meeting of the Development Board marked the first step towards establishing a broader narrative about the importance of all the work that the Physics Resource Center does. The Board will be charged with helping to develop creative new ways to communicate the value of the PRC’s contributions to the physical science community, and working with Development Staff to foster greater interest in supporting the work of PRC among the thousands of physical scientists and physics enthusiasts who make use of its programs.

If you would like to show your support for the work of the PRC, please visit or contact us directly at / (301) 209-3006.


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