Fred and Linda Dylla Donate Daughter’s Painting to the Niels Bohr Library & Archives

Fred and Linda Dylla have donated Stellarator III, a painting by Fred’s daughter, artist Kim Dylla, to the Niels Bohr Library & Archives, where it is now hanging in the reading room. In the exhibition brochure for “Visionary Distillations,” guest curator Sarah Tanguy notes:

“In Kim Dylla’s art, physics and technology go hand-in-hand with a sophisticated understanding of computer graphics and a hyperrealistic style. Having a physicist as a father predisposed her to seeing the inherent beauty in laboratory equipment and machinery and to exploring space, light, and time. With college degrees in art and computer science, she honed her artistic skills by copying old masters.

“Her current ‘machine’ paintings, though void of people and narrative, celebrate human creativity and the pursuit of knowledge. Existing shapes of high-energy physics equipment and laboratories are pared down to their essential forms evoking French master Paul Cezanne’s famous idiom: ‘Everything in nature adheres to the cone, the cylinder, and the cube.’

Any suggestion of her subjects’ intended use surrenders to the seductive interplay of light and form. Silent, cool and forceful, the machines assume new identities and suggest a layered, enigmatic reality of their own. Dylla generates her compositions by cropping passages of zoomed-out photographs. These in turn serve as observational references to the final paintings. Up close, the exacting photorealism loosens into painterly abstraction. Reflected surfaces coalesce into blobs of color, and edges soften, becoming permeable upon occasion.”


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