Friends of the Center for History of Physics

2011 Annual Fund

We gratefully acknowledge the support of many Friends whose contributions have helped to preserve and make known the history of physics and allied sciences. This list is our public acknowledgment of Friends who contributed in 2010 to the Center for History of Physics. Patrons contributed $2,500 or more; Sponsors contributed $1,000 to $2,499; Colleagues contributed $500 to $999; Associates contributed $250 to $499; and Members up to $249. Bookplate Donations honor or memorialize a colleague while supporting the purchase or conservation of rare books. * Designates our Physics Heritage Donors, who have given each year for the past seven years or more. ‡ Designates a recently-deceased donor. † Designates donations made in memory of Lawrence Cranberg. If you would like to join the Friends in supporting the Center for History of Physics, please write to us at: One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3843, call 301-209-3006, e-mail, or visit our Web page at

H. William Koch
Virginia Trimble *

Robert Bennett
Russell J. Donnelly
Susan M. Fischer
Kenneth W. Ford *
Esther M. Goudsmit
Roderick M. Grant *
Wallace L. & Kristi Hall †
John L. Heilbron
Brian J. Kiefer
Daniel Kleppner *
Thurston E. Manning
Lillian C McDermott
John B. Pegram *
Robert K. Rader
Gordon P. Riblet
John S. & Diana W. Rigden
Theodore T. Wall *
Spencer R. Weart *

Leo L. Beranek *
Lewis M. Branscomb
Marc H. Brodsky *
Edward K. Conklin *
H. Frederick Dylla
Hans Frauenfelder *
Edwin R Fuller *
Ivar Giaever *
Bernard Gottschalk
Nancy Greenspan *
Bill Hassinger *
Warren Heckrotte *
David W. Ignat
J. D. Jackson
William E. Keller *
Alan D. Krisch *
Arlo U. Landolt *
James S. Langer
Harry Letaw
Heinrich A. Medicus
Hendrik J. Monkhorst
Dwight E. Neuenschwander
Rex D. Pendley *
William M. Protheroe
Steven R. Riedhauser
Gregory J. Ronan
Keith Runge
Andrew M. Sessler
James L. Smith *
Step O. Williamson
Donald L. Wolf †
Adrienne H. Wootters
Eri Yagi *
L. T. Aldrich *
George F. Bing *
Thomas L. Bohan
Richard W. Benjamin *
Robert C. Bless
William F. Brinkman
Frederick C. Brown
John C. Browne *
Edward L. Chupp
John W. Cook *
Charlotte Cranberg †
Nicole & Giff Crosby †
Peter Cziffra *
Paul H. Daggett
Eleanor C. Dahl *
Per F. Dahl ‡
Paul O. Davey *
Luis de la Pena Auerbach *
David Devorkin
Loyal Durand *
Guy T. Emery *
William & Nancy E. Evenson *
Alexander L. Fetter
Michael E. Fisher
Paul Forman
Herbert I. Fusfeld
Theodore H. Geballe *
Neil Gehrels
Donald Hagerman *
Gilmor S. Hamill
Shaun Hardy *
Roger H. Hildebrand
Kenneth R. Hogstrom
Charles H. Holbrow
Judy C. Holoviak
Hans Keithley *
Kern Kenyon
Toichiro Kinoshita *
Michael A. Kriss
Louis J. Lanzerotti
William J. Layton
John H. Marburger * ‡
Christopher H. Marshall
David K. McCarthy *
Jonathan Mersel
James N. Murdock
Ralph Nagel †
Philip E. Nielsen *
Michael A. Ondrik
John M. Palms
Thomas A. Pauls
William F. Pickard *
John S. Price
Don D. Reeder
Randolph A. Reeder *
R. G. Robertson
Silvan S. Schweber
Robert F. Stewart *
Charles H. Townes
Jean-Francois S. Van Huele
Harold F. Webster
Koichi Abe
S. C. Abrahams *
James Adams
Louis W. Adams *
Lewis E Agnew
Mercedes M. Agogino *
Leif Anderson Ahrens *
Lawrence K. Akers
David E Alburger
Moorad Alexanian
David J. Allard
Harvey A. Alperin
Lawrence Alquist
Marion & Mitch Alsup †
E. Alyea *
Nils O. Andersen *
B. J. Anderson


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