AIP’s Grant to Archives

In 1998 the AIP History Programs created a new resource for the science archives community: matching grants to help process the backlog of physics/ allied science collections that exist in repositories around the world.

The grants, now in their 14th year, are offered annually. They help participating archives to make some of their most valuable collections accessible to researchers, and at the same time they typically encourage the archives to accession new resources in physics and allied fields. We have awarded a total of almost $500,000 to about 40 repositories since the program started.

The grants can be used to organize and catalog the papers of individuals or the records of institutions, and among others, we have contributed to preparing the papers of John Wheeler, Hans Bethe, Sir James Rotblat, William Fowler, Victor Weiskopf, Clyde Tombaugh, Alan Sandage, and Burton Wheeler for research (see http://aip. org/history/grants_previous.html for a list of all recipients).

The skilled work that is required to preserve, organize, and catalog archival collections is expensive and time consuming, and funding for any one processing project often comes from a combination of sources, including the owning repository, grants from government agencies or private foundations, and individual donations. AIP’s grants are for a maximum of $10,000, and they are intended to provide an incentive and to help individual archives raise the money that’s needed to undertake significant projects to preserve, inventory, arrange, describe, and catalog substantial collections in the history of modern physics, astronomy, geophysics, optics, acoustics, rheology and crystallography.

AIP’s Grant to Archives The aim is to further historical understanding of science and the science community. All of the collections that are processed with AIP assistance are included in our online catalog, ICOS ( icos) that serves as an information clearinghouse on archival resources in our field.

All archival repositories in the U.S. and abroad may apply for AIP grants to process archival collections in modern physics/allied sciences, including repositories at universities, corporations, historical societies, and government agencies. Individuals are not eligible to apply. For information on applying for a grant see history/grants_guidelines.html.

Next year’s deadline for applications is Aug. 15, 2013.


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