Niels Bohr Library & Archives 2010 Book Donations

As in past years, we have continued to receive generous donations of books and other publications from both individuals and organizations during 2010. We accessioned especially large gifts from the New York Academy of Medicine Library; Kay Smith on behalf of the late Prof. Leonard Jossem; William Kelly’s family; Warren Hein, Raymond L. Murray, the CalTech Library, and from Frances Bernstein on behalf of the American Crystallographic Association.

The New York Academy of Medicine donation is of special note; it consists of over 40 textbooks and monographs, almost all from the 19th and early 20th century. The titles include five editions of the English translation of Adolphe Ganot’s Traité élémentaire de physique expérimentale et appliquée. First published in Paris in 1851, the successive editions of Ganot’s work were among the most widely used 19th century physics textbooks in Europe and the U.S.

Other donors include Joseph Bellina, Kenneth Caneva, Alan Chodos, Lucien Cremaldi, Charles Day, Donald Fitts, Marion Kazemi, William Keller, Bernard Khoury, Catherine Mader, Alex Magoun, Jack Oliver, Marial Poll, Ronald Smeltzer, Judith Soukup, David Stern, and Fank R. Tangherlini. Each contribution has helped strengthen and fill gaps in our collection, and we are grateful to all of our donors.

For information on donating books, contact Kim Hukill, Librarian, at 301-209-3182 or .

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