Oral History Interview Update

The History Center has acquired over 50 interviews that are in the process of being transcribed and edited for the Niels Bohr Library & Archives’ Oral History collection.

Some of the highlights that will join the International Catalog of Sources (ICOS) reference site are:

Keynyn Brysse’s interview with Michael Prather and Donald J. Wuebbles as part of the Ozone Depletion series. William Thomas’s interview with Ralph E. Gormory and D. R. MacAyeal for his Life History series. Catherine Westfall’s interview with Jack Carpenter. Victor W. Sparrow of ASA’s interview with Sabih I. Hayek and George O. Zimmerman’s interviews of Lawrence G. Rubin, John G. King and Michael Tinkham.

Joe Anderson and Orville Butler of the History Center are also conducting many interviews as part of the History of Physicist Entrepreneurs (HoPE) project.

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