Niels Bohr Library & Archives 2011 Book Donations

The Niels Bohr Library & Archives greatly benefited from the generosity of its donors this year, receiving over 500 books in 2011. Two of our biggest donations included 180 books from Kenneth W. Ford and 108 books from the library of the late Norriss S. Hetherington, donated to the library by his wife, Edith. Kenneth Ford’s donation included many textbooks, biographies, and technical monographs. We were also grateful to receive so many well selected titles from the library of the late Norriss S. Hetherington in the areas of physics, astronomy, and in both the history and philosophy of science.

Other large donations included over 80 monographs from David Berns; a large number of books in geology, geophysics and the history of science from our History Center director, Gregory A. Good; a number of conference proceedings and monographs from Armen Jermakian; and a dozen theoretical physics monographs from Randolph Reeder. We also received a large donation last year from Elizabeth Ivey which we processed this year, a donation strong in the areas of physics and especially acoustics.

In addition to the major donations, we received several generous donations from Charles J. Peterson, Sally Boskin, Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Ruby, Dr. Charles E. Atchley, Warren Hein, Alexei Kojevnikov, Peter Broughton, and former History Center director Spencer Weart.

Individual titles donated by their authors and editors this year included:

John T. Blackmore and Setsuko Tanaka Ernst Mach’s Graz, 1864–1897 (Enfield, 2010)

John T. Blackmore and Setsuko Tanaka Ernst Mach’s Prague 1867–1895 As a Human Adventure (Enfield, 2010)

Benjamin Bederson and Henry H. Stroke History of the NYU Physics Department, 1831–2000 (BookMasters, 2010)

Alfons Carpio Rovira Ciència i política exterior francesa a l'Espanya de Franco: el cas dels físics Catalans (Institute d'Estudis Catalans, 2010)

William Fickinger Miller's Waves: An Informal Scientific Biography (Case Western Reserve University, 2011)

Kenneth W. Ford 101 Quantum Questions: What you Need to Know About the World You Can't See (Harvard UP, 2011)

George Greenstein The Quantum Challenge: Modern Research on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (Jones and Bartlett, 1996 and 2007)

David J. Lockwood Light scattering in magnetic solids (co-authored with Michael G. Cottam; Wiley, 1986)

David J. Lockwood (Ed.) P.L. Kapitsa—Letters to Mother: The Early Cambridge Period (NRCC, 1989)

Karl von Meyenn (Ed.) Eine Entdeckung von ganz ausserordentlicher Tragweite: Schrödingers Briefwechsel zur Wellenmechanik und zum Katzenparadoxon. Band 1–2 (Springer-Verlag, 2011)

Neil C. Schoen and Kim Schoen 74 Steps (Paperchase Press, 2011)

We also received publications from institutions including the NASA History Program, the Department of Physics at the University of Arkansas, and the Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins.

We are grateful to all of our donors this year who have helped to strengthen and fill in the gaps in our collection with these contributions.

For information on donating books, contact Kim Hukill, Librarian, at 301-209-3182 or .

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