Online Access to Historical CERN
Council and Committee Documents

Historical records of CERN's governing body, the CERN Council, are now more easily available thanks to a digitisation and cataloguing project carried out by the CERN Archive team. Over 12,000 official documents of the CERN Council, Committee of Council, Finance Committee and Scientific Policy Committee are now available here: They date from before CERN's creation in 1954, and most are available in both English and French.

Optical character recognition means that the full texts, as well as the cataloguing information, are searchable; just place the prefix “fulltext:” before your search term in the database, e.g. “fulltext:Austria”. Various combinations of metadata and fulltext searching are possible to make your search as precise as you wish; for more details see the CDS Search Guide ( Access restrictions apply (there is a 5-year closure period for non-confidential Council records and a 30-year period for the rest); however, new rules approved by Council in March 2009 now make many more documents publicly available immediately after the Council Sessions (see the Council web pages

This project has absorbed the bulk of the CERN Archive’s resources for the last two years; we hope you are pleased with the result. Now we are working hard to catch up with other tasks, such as tackling the cataloguing backlog and processing some interesting new accessions, including correspondence and other files of Georges Charpak (mostly dating from after 1992, when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics “for his invention and development of particle detectors, in particular the multiwire proportional chamber”.


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