Scan on Demand Service at NBL&A

The Niels Bohr Library & Archives offers a “Scan on Demand” service to provide digital copies of our primary source materials to our researchers. For the same nominal fee (20 cents a page) we charge for photocopies, we will email scans to researchers all over the world. Note that very large scanning requests (multiple boxes or series of collections) may exceed the capacity of our staff. In those cases, we will contact the patron regarding outsourcing the work to a vendor. Vendor costs will be charged to the patron.

Once we have scanned material for a researcher we can also use those scans for other purposes. If we have or if we can secure the appropriate legal rights, we will be able to put the material on the library’s website. We will also keep these scans for digital preservation. Scanning projects always require a good amount of staff time and effort, and by repurposing items scanned for patron requests, we can ensure that we focus our time and attention on items that researchers are interested in.

We are currently developing an image viewer that will allow us to share our scanned and digital items on the website. This is being adapted from a viewer that was developed in house for the Samuel Goudsmit papers, which were scanned in their entirety and put online in 2011. We’ll be sharing more information on this project in the next newsletter.


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