A Collection of Sample Syllabi

As an aid to teaching and studying the history of physics and related topics, and as an introduction to the vast literature in the field, we display here sample syllabi and reading lists that instructors have kindly provided. See also our short list of books and links.


The Origins of Physical Science, to ca.1600
(Badash, 1998)
Science from Aristotle to Newton
(Brush, 2000)
Scientific Revolution
(Badash, 1999)
Classical Physics: Galileo to Duhem (Crowe,1998)
Physical Science: Newton to Einstein
(Porter, 1999)
Development of Modern Physical Science
From Newton to Einstein

(McCray, 2001)
History of Astronomy and Cosmology
(Johnson, 2002)
Classical Physics: Newton to Einstein (Brush,1999)
Replicating Classical Experiments (Buchwald, 1999) Discovery of the Universe
(Lindner, 2001)
History of 20th Century Physics
(Janssen, 2000)
20th Century Physics
(Genuth, 1997)
Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman: Physics in the 20th Century
(Kaiser, 2001)
Modern Physics: From Atom to Big Science
(Carson, 2003)
Particle Physics in the 20th Century
(Byers, 2001)
Science after World War II
(Kojevnikov, 1997)
Quantum Century: A History of 20th Century Physics
(Riordan, 2003)
Nuclear Age
(Badash, 1998)
Cold War Science
(Gusterson and Kaiser, 2002)
Science in American Polity
(Dennis, 2000)
Atomic Consequences
(Dennis, 1998)
Science in the United States
(Carson, 2002)
Women in Physics and Mathematics
(Byers, 2001)

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