Students petition Congress to protect funding for science

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25 January 2013

As 2012 drew to a close, APS joined other scientific societies to encourage students from across the country to stand up for science. In an effort to draw Congress’s attention to the consequences that sequestration would have on science, 6200 students urged Congress to sustain the budget for science funding. Their message: Reducing science funding to help reduce the deficit would be counterproductive; the future of our country’s economic prosperity would be compromised. See the APS press release for more details.

Mandatory cuts were to take place on January 2 if Congress did not take action. Funding for civilian science programs would have been cut by 8.2% and for defense science programs by 9.4%. In the first hours of 2013, Congress officially delayed most sequestration decision making with a new deadline of March 1. (See FYI #3: No Resolution in Sight.) Science continues to need strong advocacy from the community.