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Physics Today: January 1998 Contents

January 1998 Physics Today Contents


Ultrahigh-Intensity Lasers: Physics of the Extreme on a Tabletop

By stretching, amplifying and then compressing laser pulses, one can reach petawatt powers, gigagauss magnetic fields, terabar light pressures and 1022m/s2 electron accelerations -- Gérard A. Mourou, Christopher P. J. Barty and Michael D. Perry

The Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays

What in the cosmos can possibly be accelerating protons to 1020 electron volts and beyond? And how can they preserve such extreme energies while plowing through the cosmic microwave background on their way to us? -- Thomas O'Halloran, Pierre Sokolsky and Shigeru Yoshida

When Liquids Stay Dry

Once just a scientific curiosity, noncoalescence now offers intriguing applications---and the prospect of more to come -- Pasquale Dell'Aversana and G. Paul Neitzel


Reference Frame

Why are there analogies between condensed matter and particle theory? -- Frank Wilczek

Search and Discovery

Kondo physics seen in a quantum dot. More than 30 years after the discovery of the Kondo effect, which is caused by magnetic impurities in metals, researchers may now be able to study the phenomenon more precisely because a quantum dot with an odd number of electrons seems to mimic the behavior of an individual magnetic atom.

Springtime Arctic ozone levels fall further in 1997
       ** Geophysical Review Letters on-line; volume 24

Washington Reports

Four years after SSC's demise, US reaches agreement on "unprecedented" collaboration in CERN's LHC

DOE chooses SUNY at Stony Brook and Battelle to operate troubled Brookhaven laboratory

In literally the last act for fiscal 1998, Congress increases R&D funds for NIST and NOAA

Washington ins & outs: Departures at NASA, House Science Committee and OSTP

Physics Community

Employment outlook for new PhDs improves, as other fields hire more physicists. For the third straight year, the proportion of new PhDs finding permanent full-time work has risen sharply, while the share taking postdoc positions has dropped.

One Europe, one physics journal? -- French site. German site.

Kodak to cut its workforce by 10%

Stith now heads AIP's physics programs

Texas Instruments hosted AIP's Corporate Associates

APS elects Langer vice president for 1998

Sears will lead AAPT in 2000

Larson is elected president of SoR

Web Watch: Physics Sciences Resource Center; Electricity Label Generator; International Energy Outlook 1997; PACS


Albert Einstein: A Biography, A. Fölsing, translated by E. Osers (reviewed by J. Stachel)

Physics of Biological Systems: From Molecules to Species, edited by H. Flyvbjerg, J. Hertz, M. H. Jensen, O. G. Mouritsen and K. Sneppen (reviewed by J. Powell)

Why Toast Lands Jelly-Side Down: Zen and the Art of Physics Demonstrations, R. Ehrlich (reviewed by R. E. Berg)

An Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements, J. R. Taylor (reviewed by W. Thompson)

Unsolved Problems in Astrophysics, edited by J. N. Bahcall and J. P. Ostriker (reviewed by W. C. Haxton)

Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics, Y. Imry (reviewed by M. Tinkham)

Voyages Through the Universe, A. Fraknoi, D. Morrison and S. Wolff (reviewed by L. A. Marschall)

The Fire Within the Eye: A Historical Essay on the Nature and Meaning of Light, D. Park (reviewed by A. M. Smith)

Introduction to Bioengineering, edited by S. A. Berger, W. Goldsmith and E. R. Lewis (reviewed by F. Dunn)

Nonlinear Optics, E. G. Sauter (reviewed by C. Flytzanis)

Black Holes: Gravitational Interactions, P. D. D'Eath (reviewed by R. M. Wald)


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