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March 97: BEC and Atom Lasers

All of the following sites include links to relevant research papers (generally in postscript format) and graphics displaying experimental or theoretical results.

The Georgia Southern University BEC home page aims to be the BEC home page and has links to web pages of numerous BEC researchers and groups. Of particular use is the bibliography, which includes a large and up-to-date selection of press accounts related to atom lasers and BEC in general and a huge list of technical papers available online. A list of meetings also includes upcoming individual local seminars.

The page of the JILA group in Colorado that first created a dilute gaseous Bose condensate includes a press release of the original 1995 discovery and a list of the group's papers. This site is best viewed with frames. If you don't have frames, go here instead.

Comprehensive summaries of the work of the MIT group led by Wolfgang Ketterle can be found at this site. The descriptions include movies (using QuickTime and MPEG format) showing sequences of experimental results. Novices can start with an introductory page that answers basic questions, or follow links to it as needed. The main group page is here.

BEC in general and the lithium experiments of the Rice University group are discussed at this site. The level ranges from an explanation of BEC for nonphysicists to postscript versions of their research papers. In early February, the site was still under development.

Added in May 1997:

The special issue on BEC of the Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (July-August 1996). The lead-off article is a very readable February 1996 colloquium on BEC by Eric Cornell. All the articles are available in pdf (portable document format).

The BEC page of the University of Oxford BEC theory team.

Compiled by Graham P. Collins

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