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November 97

The Table of Isotopes home page is maintained at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, home of the Isotopes Project, whose staff members have prepared the table since 1940. The home page has data from the 1996 (8th) edition, including properties of the elements, atomic data such as binding energies and x-ray energies, radioactive decay data and nuclear astrophysics data. Files are typically in postscript or pdf format. The CD-ROM version of the table can be sampled on-line for mass numbers in the ranges A=1 to 20 and A=263 to 272. Linked to the site is the Isotope Explorer Nuclear Science References Database, a collaboration between LBNL and Lund University in Sweden. The database currently contains about 140,000 literature references on nuclear physics from 1910 to April of this year. The explorer facilitates searches for specific nuclides and reactions, as well as more mundane keys such as author and publication date.

"Teachers On Ice" is one way to describe the National Science Foundation's Teachers Experiencing Antarctica (TEA) Program. During the 1997-98 season, eight high school teachers and three students are spending four to eight weeks in Antarctica or the Arctic, participating in ongoing research such as drilling ice cores to study climate change and exploring the deglaciation history of the Ross Sea from an icebreaker. As well as doing the research, the teachers keep daily journals (available on-line) and answer questions e-mailed from students in warmer climes.

Aero Space Jobs is a Web-based service for employment in aviation and aeronautics ("Aero Jobs") and the space industry ("Space Jobs"). Job seekers can search the postings on-line or sign up for e-mailed notices of jobs. Companies can register for free, which gets them a profile page on Aero Space Jobs and (at present) their first career ad. Companies must pay a fee to place each additional career ad. The ads remain on-line for three months. The site also has an events listing. (See the February Web Watch for more job-related sites.)

Fermilab's library catalog is another source of papers on-line (for others, see Web Watch for April). A versatile, easy-to-use search engine allows keyword searching of the library's holdings, including preprints received at Fermilab. Full text is provided for many preprints posted since 1995.

Compiled by Graham P. Collins

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