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Physics Today's Web Watch

February 98

 ** http://physicsweb.org/
PhysicsWeb was launched in December 1997 by the UK's Institute of Physics. At present it offers ten services, including weekly news; book reviews; job, conference and product listings; PEERS, the Physics Encyclopaedia of E-mail Records (a searchable directory of physicists' e-mail addresses); links to resources on the Web such as patents sites and software archives; and a WebWatch section (hmmm . . . ). Access is unrestricted until April. After that, some features will be limited to members of IOP, subscribers to Physics World and individual subscribers to PhysicsWeb itself.

 ** http://www.aip.org/
American Institute of Physics. Lest auld acquaintance be forgot, the recently redesigned AIP Web site also carries job and conference listings; physics news (including an archive of every Physics News Update back to issue number 1 in 1990); Science Report Radio (two-minute reports that may be listened to with RealAudio or viewed in text); bulletins and newsletters on science policy, physics education and the history of physics; education statistics; on-line publications; and much more. A lot of the site is freely available, but some areas require a subscription.

 ** http://physics.umd.edu/rgroups/ripe/money/
Physicists on the Money. This page displays 17 physicists on banknotes that range in face value from 1 pound for an Isaac Newton to 5 million dinars for a Nikolai Tesla. You have to wonder about the exchange rates.

 ** http://www.nsf.gov/home/cns/start.htm
Custom News is a new service from the National Science Foundation. After signing up, you can set a profile that will customize a Web page to display NSF news releases, bulletins and reports in the categories of interest to you. You can also have e-mail sent to you either automatically whenever a new item matches your profile or weekly in the form of a summary of new documents.

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