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The House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee has recommended an 8.5 percent cut in total spending for the 6.1 Basic Research, 6.2 Applied Research, and 6.3 Advanced Technology Development programs in FY 2008. All three programs for the Army, Navy, and Air Force would see budget reductions next year under this legislation. Only 6.1 Defense Wide spending under the Office of the Secretary of Defense would see an increase. In all but one case, the committee's recommended funding levels are higher than those requested by the Administration.

27 Jul 2007

The House has passed a $503.8 billion defense authorization bill, setting the stage for the FY 2008 defense appropriations bill. While actual funding parameters for the Department of Defense will not be known until late summer when the DOD appropriations bills are written, the bill passed last week provides a first glimpse of how Congress views funding for three DOD science and technology programs.

24 May 2007

Total funding for the Department of Defense’s science and technology programs would be cut by 19.2 percent in FY 2008 under the budget request that the Bush Administration sent to Congress last week. The total budget for the 6.1 Basic Research, 6.2 Applied Research, and 6.3 Advanced Technology Development programs would decline from $13,325.2 million to $10,771.7 million, a cut of $2,553.5 million.

13 Feb 2007

The headline from yesterday’s release of the FY 2008 budget request is the Bush Administration’s continued commitment to its American Competitiveness Initiative. Under the new FY 2008 request, the President asked Congress to increase overall FY 2008 funding for the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy Office of Science, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology core research program by 7.2 percent over his request of a year ago.

6 Feb 2007

As the new fiscal year starts today, the Department of Defense is one of the few departments that has its new budget for all of FY 2009.

Yesterday evening President Bush signed into law H.R. 2638. This law contains flat funding for most federal departments and agencies until early March, but also provides $600 billion in full year funding for the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs, and for military construction.

1 Oct 2008

One of the notable components of the Bush Administration's FY 2009 request for science and technology programs was the dramatic proposed increase in 6.1 basic research funding for the Department of Defense. Both the House Armed Services Committee and Senate Armed Services Committee responded by recommending even higher levels of 6.1 funding in their FY 2009 bills, as well as higher funding for the Pentagon's other two science and technology programs.

30 May 2008

The Coalition for National Security Research, to which the American Institute of Physics belongs, has just released a Fiscal Year 2009 Funding Statement. "CNSR urges that the renewed focus on basic research be approved in conjunction with achieving the Pentagon's stated goal of three percent of the Department's budget be spent for the Defense S&T program -- 6.1 basic research, 6.2 applied research, and 6.3 advanced technology development," the Statement recommends.

7 May 2008

The Bush Administration has requested significant increases in two of the Department of Defense's science and technology programs. The FY 2009 budget sent to Congress requests $703.8 million more for these programs as compared to the FY 2008 request. Under this request, funding would increase in FY 2009 for the basic research and advanced technology development programs, but decline slightly for the applied research program.

13 Feb 2008

The FY 2010 appropriations’ cycle drew to a close when President Obama signed the Department of Defense Appropriations bill. While most budget items tracked by FYI received funding increases, there were some decreases.

30 Dec 2009

On Saturday morning the Senate approved H.R. 3326, the FY 2010 Department of Defense Appropriations bill, and sent it to President Barack Obama. Under this legislation, funding for the three defense science and technology programs increases by 0.3 percent in FY 2010.

21 Dec 2009


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