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Witnesses at a November 7 House Science Committee hearing testified that a permanent space station with a three-person crew, reduced research capability, and only a "core" configuration was one viable outcome of the station program. Thomas Young, who chaired the International Space Station Management and Cost Evaluation Task Force, appeared with OMB Deputy Director Sean O'Keefe to discuss the Task Force's recommendations for the future of the space station.

9 Nov 2001

Today, House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R- NY) addressed the Presidents of the State University of New York (SUNY). In Boehlert's speech on the impact of terrorism on R&D, he concluded, "So, the events of September 11th have forced us to alter our agenda in ways large and small. But fundamentally, our nation's R&D and education needs remain pretty much what they were before the attacks, and, for now, at least, the resources available to meet those needs remain about the same, as well." Selections from Chairman Boehlert's speech follow:

1 Oct 2001

"While I am very pleased that the Science Committee portion of the energy package made it through the House I was unable in good conscience to vote for the entire package." - House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert

14 Aug 2001

House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) addressed the AAAS Colloquium on Science and Technology Policy last week. Boehlert stated at the outset that "the science budgets the Administration has proposed are too low," and predicted that "these numbers are going to get better." Looking ahead, Boehlert said "what supporters of research need to begin doing now is reinforcing the arguments for the federal investment in R&D," and cautioned against what he called "a recipe for failure."

9 May 2001

Republican and Democratic members of the House Science Committee have issued a report expressing concern about the "minuscule" budget increase the Bush Administration requested for the National Science Foundation for FY 2002, and are "particularly concerned" about the future of the DOE Office of Science. The committee also feels that the Administration's cost containment measures for the International Space Station "may provide inadequate."

28 Mar 2001

Last week's hearing by the House Science Committee on "Climate Change: The State of the Science" aptly, if unintentionally, illustrated "the state of the politics" surrounding this issue. On the same day that President George Bush announced his opposition to controls on carbon dioxide emissions, the Republican Chairman of the House Science Committee, Sherwood Boehlert (NY) declared this position "misguided and unjustified." Within minutes, the senior Democrat on the committee, Rep. Ralph Hall (TX), was praising the president for his announcement.

20 Mar 2001

Yesterday, Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, the new chairman of the House Science Committee, spoke to the Universities Research Association (URA). In his first speech as chairman, Boehlert, a moderate Republican from central New York, outlined his major priorities and overall philosophy that will guide the committee. Selections from his remarks follow:

1 Feb 2001

Last week, key committees in the House and Senate spent considerable time and effort on the science and technology components of the legislation to establish the Department of Homeland Security. In one case, solid progress was made, while in another, the outcome was less clear. Congress is working against the clock to enact this legislation by September 11, complicated by a month long recess in August.

16 Jul 2002

The House Science Committee will draft legislation on July 10 in response to President Bush's proposal for a Department of Homeland Security. This action follows two committee hearings held late last month on science and technology to combat terrorism.

3 Jul 2002

Both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have completed their work on the FY 2003 authorization bills. The House bill has cleared the floor. Following Senate floor action, differences between the two bills will be resolved in a conference.

30 May 2002


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