House and Senate Members have come to agreement on a Conference Report (H. Rpt. 105-265) for H.R. 2266, the DOD Appropriations Bill for FY 1998. The report passed both the House and Senate on September 25, and now goes to President Clinton for signing.

30 Sep 1997

Having passed both the spending and tax elements of their balanced-budget agreement with President Clinton, Members of Congress left the nation's capitol a day early for their month-long August break. (Clinton signed the two budget bills, H.R. 2014 and H.R. 2015, into law on August 5.) When they return - the Senate on September 2, and the House on September 3 - Members will have just under a month to complete the 13 appropriations bills that fund government programs before the start of fiscal year 1998 on October 1.

8 Aug 1997

The President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) met this Monday to discuss a wide-range of topics. Two items are of particular note to the physics community:


10 Jun 1997

Once Congress agrees upon a final Budget Resolution, the next step is to determine funding allocations for the 13 appropriations subcommittees in each chamber. After receiving their allocations, subcommittee chairs, beginning in the House, will begin drafting the legislation that will fund the agencies and programs under their jurisdiction. That is THE TIME to contact appropriators regarding concerns over funding for particular programs.

30 May 1997

When the House and Senate return to Washington next week they will complete work on a budget document clearing the way for them to start writing the appropriations bills for the new fiscal year starting on October 1. The actions occurring during the next few weeks will determine the amount of money available for civilian and defense R&D in the coming year.

30 May 1997

The past few weeks have seen the release of several commentaries on President Clinton's FY 1998 request for science and technology. Each examines the request in a different way.

2 Apr 1997

FY 1998 Dept. Of Defense Budget Request: Basic & Applied Research FYIis expanding its coverage to include the Department of Defense's basic research and applied research budget requests, and subsequent congressional activity. Including other spending, such as development, equipment, and facilities, DOD provides the largest amount of federal R&D funding.

25 Feb 1997

Education and Human Resources, Major Research Equipment This FYI briefly summarizes the FY 1998 Education and Human Resources Activity and Major Research Equipment budget requests of the National Science Foundation. Quotations are from NSF's FY 1998 budget request to Congress. Note that dollar figures in this series of FYIs are not adjusted for inflation.


"The FY 1998 Budget Request for Education and Human Resources is $625.50 million, an increase of $6.50 million, or 1.1%, from the FY 1997 Current Plan of $619.0 million."

21 Feb 1997

Engineering, Geosciences, U.S. Polar Programs This FYI briefly summarizes the FY 1998 budget requests for the Engineering Activity, the Geosciences Activity, and U.S. Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation. Quotations are from NSF's FY 1998 budget request to Congress. Note that dollar figures in this series of FYIs are not adjusted for inflation.


20 Feb 1997

The NASA FY 1998 request includes enhanced funding for the "Origins" program, described in background material as "a unifying theme" for space science focused on "the origin and evolution of the Universe, and about the possibility of life elsewhere..." Current and future planned missions include Hubble Space Telescope upgrades; the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility; the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF--a new start, scheduled for launch in 2001); the Cassini mission to Saturn, to be launched in October 1997; the Relativity Mission/Gravity Probe-B, scheduled for launch in October

12 Feb 1997


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