National Ignition Facility Congressional action is now complete on the FY 2001 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill. Contained within this bill or conference report for H.R. 4733 are specific instructions to the Department of Energy from the House and Senate appropriators concerning the National Ignition Facility, under construction at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

3 Oct 2000

Selected Science Programs If all goes as planned, a vote today by the full Senate at 5:30 P.M. may complete action on the FY 2001 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill. The House passed the bill last Thursday by a vote of 301-118. Funding provided by this bill increased over last year for High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Basic Energy Sciences, and Fusion Energy Sciences.

2 Oct 2000

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development is responsible for writing an appropriations bill that funds, among other areas, the physics-related programs within the Department of Energy: Basic Energy Sciences, Fusion Energy Sciences, High Energy Physics, and Nuclear Physics. (While most DOE programs are funded under this bill, some are funded within the Interior Department appropriations bill.) Below is the roster for this subcommittee for the 106th Congress. Information on rosters comes from Congressional Quarterly.

8 Apr 1999

"This is a great day for science." - DOE Secretary Hazel R. O'Leary

As widely reported, the Department of Energy's Princeton University
Plasma Physics Laboratory was successful in producing over three
million watts of controlled fusion power on December 9.  This
success comes at a critical time, as the Department of Energy's
budget request for FY 1995 is nearing completion. 

20 Dec 1993

Accompanying the bill, H.R. 2445, the Energy and Water Development
Appropriations bill for fiscal year 1994, is a report from the
Senate Appropriations Committee.  Senate Report 103-147 contains
committee recommendations for various DOE programs.  While not
having the force of law, these recommendations are generally
adhered to by a department or agency.  Final report language and
funding levels are determined by a conference committee composed of
members from the House and Senate Appropriations Committees.

29 Sep 1993

At a July 29 hearing of the House science committee, Energy
Secretary Hazel O'Leary outlined a strategic plan to improve DOE's
technology transfer and partnerships with the private sector.

The occasion was a review of H.R. 1432, a bill sponsored by science
committee chairman George Brown (D-California).  The purpose of the
bill is to establish post-Cold War missions for the DOE national
labs, as well as providing for reorganization and consolidation of
the labs and evaluation of their performance. 

3 Aug 1993

The House has passed H.R. 4908, the Hydrogen, Fusion, and High
Energy and Nuclear Physics Research Act of 1994.  The major
provisions of this legislation to authorize, but not fund, the high
energy and nuclear physics programs of the Department of Energy are
as follows:


7 Sep 1994

Last Friday afternoon, the House passed by voice vote H.R. 4908,
the Hydrogen, Fusion, and High Energy and Nuclear Physics Research
Act of 1994.  The House considered this bill for about three hours,
accepting four relatively minor amendments.  The expected amendment
to cap overall spending in the bill was not offered by Rep. Bob
Walker (R-PA).  He did, however, in reaction to what he called a
"wave of this [lobbying] going on," offer what he described as an
"antilobbying amendment" which was rejected by the House.

23 Aug 1994

H.R. 4684, the Department of Energy High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Authorization Act of 1994, took another step forward this morning.
After a thirty minute hearing, House Science Subcommittee members
unanimously voted to revise the original bill and send it on to the
full House science committee.

26 Jul 1994

"Federal funding for high-energy and nuclear physics has taken a
roller-coaster ride.  To expect progress under these conditions is
ridiculous."  --Rick Boucher (D-Virginia)

14 Jul 1994


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