AIP's Division of Education and Employment Statistics tracks and reports on trends of importance to the physics community. Within the past half-year it has released a number of reports summarizing data gathered on physics degrees, jobs and salaries. Highlights from those reports are quoted below:

21 Aug 1997

BROWN BILL ENCOURAGES INVESTMENT: On April 8, House Science Committee Ranking Minority Member George Brown (D-CA) introduced a concurrent resolution, H.Con.Res. 58, designed to stimulate important investments while balancing the budget by 2002. Brown's budget would encourage funding for R&D, capital infrastructure, and education and job training, areas crucial to future productivity.

11 Apr 1997

Declining federal research budgets over the last four years may be having "a disproportionate impact...on fields of research other than health, such as the physical sciences, engineering, and the social sciences." This is one finding highlighted in a January 16 report by the National Academy of Sciences: "The Federal Science and Technology Budget, FY 1997." The 15-page document analyzes trends in federal spending for science and technology, in inflation-adjusted dollars, both for the past year and for the period from fiscal year 1994 to fiscal year 1997.

7 Feb 1997


Below is a tentative calendar of when the Senate and House of Representatives will not be in session during 1997. Often the best time to visit with your Senator or Representative is during a congressional recess, when your Member of Congress will be in his or her state/district office. This assures that you will not be competing for your Member's attention with hearings or floor votes. For further advice, please request our "Communicating with Congress" brochure or see our website at:

17 Jan 1997

This has been an unusually busy and productive year for the federal science budget and policy process. Some of the highlights are:

31 Dec 1998

Before adjourning this month, the House of Representatives endorsed the "National Science Policy Study." For 40 minutes, Members considered House Resolution 578, stating that the report "should serve as a framework for future deliberations on congressional science policy and funding." There was some dissent, notably that of Rep. George Brown (D-CA).

28 Oct 1998

Conferees in the House and the Senate have resolved their differences on H.R. 4103, the FY 1999 appropriations bill for the Department of Defense. The House approved the final version of the bill on September 28, the Senate on September 29. The bill now goes to President Clinton to be signed. The conference report accompanying the bill, H. Rpt. 105-746, provides information on funding for DOD research, as described below.

9 Oct 1998

Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI) gave a briefing on Tuesday about the recently completed study, "Toward a New National Science Policy." He opened his discussion at the American Association for the Advancement of Science by saying that he does "not consider myself an expert on science policy," adding that the study was not intended to be the "greatest science policy report you have ever seen." Rather, it is a report to Congress to guide it in developing a new national science policy.

8 Oct 1998

The following selection is the "Summary of Recommendations" from the House Science Committee study entitled, "Toward a New National Science Policy." The 74-page study, issued on September 24, 1998 is intended to serve, according to the committee, "as a guide in long-term development of America's science policy." The summary is 3,000 words. The entire document can be found at

6 Oct 1998

As reported in FYI #134, the final version of the bill funding DOE civilian R&D programs for fiscal year 1999 was approved by the House on September 28 and the Senate on September 29. Accompanying the bill is a conference report (H. Report 105-749), which contains instructions from the appropriators on how the money should be used. While the report does not have the force of law, it is not usually wise for departments and agencies to ignore the appropriators' wishes.

30 Sep 1998


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