In an unprecedented effort to increase federal research funding, 23 organizations spanning the scientific and engineering community have issued a Joint Statement on Scientific Research calling for an increase in federal research budgets in the range of 7 percent for FY 1998. At a well-attended press conference this afternoon in Washington, D.C., American Physical Society President D.

4 Mar 1997

Senator Phil Gramm's introduction of S. 124, The National Research Investment Act of 1997, contributes to the ongoing debate about the level and nature of federal support of basic science and medical research (see FYIs #11 and 12.) While it may help to increase federal R&D funding, it is not money in the bank.

31 Jan 1997

Three weeks from now Congress starts work on the federal budget. Although all 435 Members of the House of Representatives and all 100 Senators will eventually vote on the FY 1998 appropriations bills, a much smaller group of representatives and senators initially shapes the budgets of agencies such as NSF, DOE, NASA, DOD, and NIST. These very powerful people are the members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, and their staffs.

21 Jan 1997

The Air Force Research Laboratory has announced a Notice of Intent to release a Broad Agency Announcement in early November regarding a competition for an Institute for Manufacturing Innovation - Integrated Photonics.  Federal funding of up to $110 million will be made available, with private sector cost sharing of at least 1:1.

16 Oct 2014

This week Congress meets briefly to open the 105th session, then recesses till the end of the month. Activity will pick up in early February; the President's budget request is due to be submitted to Capitol Hill on February 4, although that date may slip. Soon after the budget submission, various congressional committees will begin hearings on the funding requests for departments and agencies within their jurisdictions, and will begin to draft appropriations bills to fund these programs.

8 Jan 1997

"...I want to emphasize that the primary responsibility for
making the case to Congress and the American people belongs to
the science and technology community."
-- John H. Gibbons,
Assistant to the President for Science and Technology

The American Institute of Physics' Office of Government and Institutional Relations provides a number of services to assist the physics community in effectively communicating with Members of Congress. AIP offers these services and products without charge.

3 Jan 1997

"I believe we are now entering a new Golden Age for research and education in the next century." -- National Science Board Chairman Eamon Kelly

23 Dec 1998

While science and technology funding received significant support from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue in 1998, there is concern about the outlook for next year. Twenty-four senators have written to President Clinton urging that, in his budget submission for FY 2000, he request a six or seven percent increase in federal R&D funding.

22 Dec 1998

Earlier this week the Office of Science and Technology Policy released a report by the newly-named Science and Technology Policy Institute (formerly the Critical Technologies Institute) on critical technologies. The 155-page report, "New Forces at Work: Industry Views Critical Technologies," provides thoughtful analysis of the responses of 39 senior corporate executives to the question, "What technologies are critical to your firm/industry?"

18 Dec 1998

Washington is still pondering the implications of House Speaker Newt Gingrich's decision to resign from Congress. Gingrich has a strong interest in federal science policy and spending. The following selections are from FYI since his party assumed control of the House four years ago:


10 Nov 1998


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