"This issue never seems to go away." -- Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA)

The Senate Acquisition and Technology Subcommittee held a hearing earlier this month on the FY 1999 budget request for defense science and technology programs. Both Republican and Democratic members of this subcommittee expressed concern about Defense Department R&D funding. As Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) said, "there is no partisan difference here at all."

27 Mar 1998

Earlier this month, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) sponsored a two-day symposium in Washington, D.C. on the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). The conference was held to discuss scientific and industrial opportunities for the SNS, a $1.3 billion facility to be constructed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory that will be completed in 2005.

26 Mar 1998

"The message is: Research has a stake in the tobacco settlement." --Skip Stiles, House Science Committee Minority Legislative Director

26 Mar 1998

As part of his National Science Policy Study, Rep. Vern Ehlers (R-MI) chaired a March 11 House Science Committee hearing on successful scientific partnerships. The policy study is intended to develop an updated, coherent justification for prioritizing and funding federal R&D. This was the second in a series of hearings that will provide input for the study.

20 Mar 1998

Last week, three House authorizing committees held hearings on the President's FY 1999 budget request. The outlook for the National Institute of Standards and Technology is good, while that for the Department of Defense's R&D programs is more guarded.


6 Mar 1998

The majority members of the House Science Committee released an "Overview of the President's FY 1999 Budget" last week. The administration's R&D request is seen from a different perspective in this analysis, which is to be expected since it was written by the Republican majority on the committee. Some major conclusions from the twelve-page document follow (designated by quotation marks); the entire document - with many illustrations - can be viewed at http://www.house.gov/science/budgetreview_02-26.htm .

5 Mar 1998

Last week, Burton Richter, Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and past president of The American Physical Society (1994), addressed a Senate Forum on "Research as an Investment." His remarks highlight the contributions that physics research have made to society, and the importance of federal support for science. His remarks, entitled "Long-Term Research and Its Impact on Society," follow:

2 Mar 1998

Congress came back from the President's Day recess this week, and started the heavy lifting of passing authorization legislation and the all-important appropriations bills. This is going to be a short legislative session, with adjournment scheduled for October 9.

28 Feb 1998

The FY 1999 budget request for Research and Development (R&D) within the Department of Defense is $7,181.3 million. This represents a decrease of $618.9 million, or 7.9 percent, from the current-year R&D appropriation of $7,800.2 million. Defense R&D includes three categories: Basic Research (also known as 6.1), Applied Research (6.2), and Advanced Technology Development (6.3), but does not include Testing or Evaluation. The request does not identify which R&D funding is physics-related.

12 Feb 1998

"This budget is about science, technology, and energy for our future." --Energy Secretary Federico Pena.

Presenting the Department of Energy's FY 1999 budget request, Secretary Federico Pena cited "advancing the frontiers of science and technology" as one of the four greatest challenges facing his department. "Science and technology underlie all of our work at the department," he said, "and we have a proud history of developing many of the innovations in science and technology that have kept U.S. industry on the cutting edge of intense international competition."

4 Feb 1998


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