Almost seven months after the start of the new fiscal year the
President and Congress have - at last - agreed on final FY 1996
appropriations.  Today, President Clinton will sign an
appropriations measure (H.R. 3019) that includes funding for the
National Science Foundation, NASA, and NIST, along with many other
federal departments and agencies. 

26 Apr 1996

NASA's FY 1997 budget request, its restructuring to save costs, and
the status of the space station program were the subjects of
several recent hearings on Capitol Hill.  On March 20, the House
VA/HUD Appropriations Subcommittee, which drafts NASA's funding
legislation, reviewed the agency's programs and budget request for
the coming fiscal year.  The Senate Commerce Subcommittee on
Science, Technology and Space heard, on March 26, about financial
delays to the Russian component of the space station project.  On

3 Apr 1996

"We asked for stable funding through FY 1997, and that's exactly
what the President's budget gives us."  -- NASA Administrator
Daniel Goldin

22 Mar 1996

With only hours to spare, Congress approved short-term funding last
week for a number of departments and agencies still lacking an FY
1996 appropriation.  Among them are NSF, NASA, and NIST.  Funding
is assured through March 15.  The following is the funding status
for departments and agencies tracked by FYI:

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY: An full year appropriations bill was signed
last fall (see 1995 FYI #154.)

1 Feb 1996

With only one week of short term funding left for NSF, NASA, and
NIST, face-to-face budget talks between the Administration and
Congress have been called off.  It is very unclear if a legislative
mechanism can be found to avoid another destructive government
shutdown on January 27 when this money runs out.

18 Jan 1996

Keeping track of efforts to resolve long-term funding for NSF,
NASA, and NIST has almost been as difficult as tracking the snow
storms that have been hitting Washington.  Here is how things now
stand, and the outlook for the rest of FY 1996.

11 Jan 1996

Several Members of Congress, concerned about projections for NASA's outyear budgets, authored a recent "Dear Colleague" letter to House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA). The letter, signed by 201 House members, asks Gingrich to help ensure stronger NASA budgets in future years. The effort was initiated by Representatives Dave Weldon (R-FL), Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), and Nick Lampson (D-TX), all of whom represent districts with NASA centers (Kennedy Space Center, Lewis Research Center, and Johnson Space Center, respectively.)

21 Nov 1997

NASA's announcement that it will exchange U.S. astronaut Michael Foale for David Wolf on Mir via a space shuttle flight to be launched tonight follows two hearings on Capitol Hill last week. NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin summarized his agency's position today as follows: "We move forward not only because it is safe, but for the important scientific and human experience we can gain only from Mir. As we prepare for the June 1998 launch of the first element of the International Space Station, nothing can beat the hands-on, real-time training aboard Mir."

25 Sep 1997

When the budget process started in late winter, there was uncertainty about how a major HUD rental housing program would affect the FY 1998 budget for the National Science Foundation and NASA. With less than two weeks to go, there is still major uncertainty. House and Senate conferees remain in disagreement about the way to reduce federal housing subsidies. Senate conferees included a solution in their appropriations bill which House conferees are wary of -- both as to process and substance.

17 Sep 1997

Senate floor debate on S. 1034, the VA/HUD Appropriations bill took place on July 21-22 (see FYI #94.) Significant discussion centered on an amendment by Sen. Dale Bumpers (D-AR) to terminate the Space Station. Bumpers has offered a similar amendment each year since 1992, without success. In arguing for his space station termination amendment this year (which ultimately failed), Bumpers made use of statements and testimony opposing the station by The American Physical Society.

11 Aug 1997


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