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American Institute of Physics



February 2001
Volume 7, Number 1


Developing fiber optic communications
Greg Sanger took degrees in physics and optics, and held a variety of jobs in optics before becoming director of advanced business development at Spectra-Physics. Now, he finds himself on the cusp of a boom in fiber-optic telecommunications, which is trending toward all-optical equipment—Jennifer Ouellette

Solving differential equations
Modern computer software enables us to solve differential equations by approximating continuous functions with a finite number of quantities and then computing them numerically—even for multiphysics problems that include combinations of applications—Svante Littmarck


Industrial salaries surge again
–Raymond Y. Chu and Megan Henly

Briefs: Light from organic transistors; a city in the computer; can electrons be split?; sunlight to hydrogen
–Eric J. Lerner


Letters: Nobel Prizes; Raman spectroscopy; Delay in a pill; Cryptography strikes again

Forum: Peer recognition
–Patrick Young

Technology: Military applications of microsystems
–William C. Tang and Abraham P. Lee

Business: Trademarks: How do they work?
–William M. Borchard

Industry/Academia: Physics and entrepreneurship
--Nancy Forbes

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