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American Institute of Physics



February/March 2002
Volume 8, Number 1


Inventing high-tech instruments
"Venky" Venkatesan divides his time between his family in New Delhi, India, managing his research group at the University of Maryland, College Park, and managing Neocera (Beltsville, Maryland), which now produces magnetic microscopes for nondestructive failure analysis in the semiconductor industry---Jennifer Ouellette

How fiber optics works
Macrofiber composites are flexible and can control strong vibrations---Ted Lynch


Briefs: Bose-Einstein condensate on a chip; pyrolelectric-crystal X-rays; building enzymes, filters; bird songs; human speech



Technology: Energy for the city of the future---Paul M. Grant

Industry/Academia: Ideas for industry spring from Rice---Nancy Forbes

Forum: Prizes and awards for industry---Patrick Young

Ask the Attorney: Patents, financing, and law---Epstar


New Products





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