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American Institute of Physics



February/March 2003
Volume 9, Number 1


Quantum dots for sale
Quantum dots are small semiconductor crystals containing a variable number of electrons that occupy well-defined, discrete quantum states. They can by fine tuned to emit light at different wavelengths, are easily embedded in solid state systems, and are stable under the microscope ---Jennifer Ouellette

Recent advances in computer vision
Cameras can be linked to computers to automate some tasks formerly performed by eye. Recent improvements in system performance, digital cameras, and affordability of hardware and software have expanded applications of human-computer interfaces, augmented perception, automatic media interpretation, video surveillance, and biometric measurement --- Massimo Piccardi and Tony Jan

A scientific approach to managing competition
The S-shaped natural growth equation to describe species population can be extended to model competition in the market place. In the case of two competitors, there are six ways of influencing one another's growth rates: pure competition, predator-prey, mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, and neutralism. Six strategies emerge to handle such competition, and these can be applied to advertising and marketing — Theodore Modis

Training physicists for industry
About sixty-six U.S. university physics departments offer professional master's degree programs aimed at preparing students for industrial careers. Some universities that produce these graduates and some companies that employ them are profiled here -- Patrick Young


Briefs: Hidden imaging data; piggy-back chips; synthetic ion pump; strong, ductile copper

Forum: Small focus brings big rewards



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