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American Institute of Physics



March/April 1996
Volume 2, Number 1


Structured inventive thinking
A preliminary report on Ford's adaptation of a 50-year-old problem-solving methodology that until recently had remained obscure to the West – Ed Sickafus

The job future for MRI physicists
In the last few years magnetic resonance imaging physicists have moved from writing their own meal tickets to scrambling for viability – Wlad Sobol

Computer modeling of deposition and etching
The many processes that depend on deposition and etching will benefit from more precise computer simulation; two examples are explained and illustrated – E. Hyman and S. Eidelman


The microfabrication boom
As many as 150 new microfabrication plants are being planned in the United States, Japan, Europe, and Asia-Pacific over the next 10 years at a cost of up to $1 billion each – Jennifer Ouellette

Plastic-powered displays
Two new companies, one in California and the other in the U.K., are planning products based on polymer semiconductor materials – Alexander Hellemans

Adding up mathematics in industry (PDF page 2, middle)

U.S.-Korea science/technology summit (PDF page 2, bottom)


On our own – Ken McNaughton


Automated spectroscopic ellipsometry – J. Hilfiker, J. Woollam, G. Mowry, P. Chow, J. Elman

Collaborative R&D succeeds in Denmark – Jorn Hvam

Making the most of memberships – A. Baber and L. Waymon

Meet me in St. Louis – and Indianapolis – Fred Dylla

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