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American Institute of Physics



March/April 1998
Volume 4, Number 1


Speech recognition: Humanizing the interface
Speech recognition systems provide a more natural user interface and are expected to revolutionize the way people use computers. Speeds and RAM capacities are now sufficient to handle the enormous amount of processing power required to make these systems commercially viable – Jennifer Ouellette


Optical data storage looks beyond CDs
Emerging alternative devices such as near-field optical memories and holographic data storage could increase capacities beyond the industry projection of 4.7 gigabytes per disk by the year 2000 – Jennifer Ouellette

Briefs Higher R&D spending forecast in 1998 and 1999; biosensors to the rescue; updates – David Pope


Editorial: Creating a new link – Ken McNaughton


Technology: A laser-based thin-film growth monitor – Charles Taylor, Darryl Barlett, Eric Chason, and Jerry Floro

Industry/Academia: Take physics local – P. W. "Bo" Hammer

Forum: LA story – Galen Fisher and Nancy Forbes

Corporate Associates: An industrial booster – Angela Putney

Hidden Physicists: Speaking out

Opinion: A sound guide to product acceptance – Richard Lyon

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