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American Institute of Physics



April 2000
Volume 6, Number 2


Ultrafast lasers open new doors
As the worldwide community becomes more developed, the demand for energy shows an evolution through four major sources; coal, oil, gas, and hydrogen. The trend towards "decarbonization" is at the heart of this evolution--Jesse H. Ausubel


Detection on the cutting edge
The last decade has seen an explosion of new technologies brought to forensic science to solve crimes, identify parentage, identify remains of missing persons, and detect contraband substances such as drugs and explosives–Jennifer Ouellette

Can plasma clean auto exhaust?; nanotube tweezers; faster photography; spintronics


Energy; teaching; superconducting motor

Corporate Associates
Fission, fusion and beyond--Chris J. Hamilton

Salute the Fellows--Patrick Young

Investing in Technology
Industrial R&D boom continues; Clinton boosts technology--Patrick Young

New Products




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