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American Institute of Physics



April/May 2002
Volume 8, Number 2


Solar power via the moon
Solar-power stations constructed on the moon from common lunar materials could beam clean, safe, low-cast commercial electric energy to Earth via 12-cm microwaves---David Criswell

Illuminating new territory with lidar
Light detection and ranging (lidar) has been around since the 1960's, but recent advances in other technologies have enabled its use in a wide variety of research and commercial applications---Jennifer Oullette


Briefs: A rice-grain-sized motor; single-photon source; photon sieve for X-rays; stopping light in a solid---Eric J. Lerner



Careers: One hundred thousand questions---Joe Przechocki

Corporate Associates: New tools for new materials---H. Frederick Dylla


Forum: Nice work, Fellows---J. Roland Pitts

Ask the Attorney: Disputes, grants, communications

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