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American Institute of Physics



April/May 2003
Volume 9, Number 2


Switching from physics to biology
The age of biology presents unique opportunities for physicists to develop instruments and create biological theories. Two industrial physicists involved in biological research talk about their work, and other physicists give tips on how to make the transition---Jennifer Ouellette

Thin films seek a solar future
The U.S. photovoltaic industry aims to meet 10% of U.S. peak generation capacity by 2030 and to have a considerable share in foreign markets. Current technologies are mainly based on crystalline silicon but less costly thin-film alternatives may make a major contribution in five years---Ineke Malsch

Industry salaries still rising
The median salary for Ph.D. physicists working in industry was $100,000 in 2002-up 11% from $90,200 in 2000 and easily beating an inflation rate of 5.9 %---Raymond Y. Chu

Curve fitting
In science and engineering it is often desirable to represent empirical data as a mathematical equation, from which calculus can be used to determine many important characteristics. The goal of curve fitting is to find values for parameters that produce a curve closest to the data---Marko Ledvij


Briefs: Twenty watts of terahertz; chaos in the engine; 3-D lithography; stock physics

Ten ways to create a winning team

Salute to new Fellows



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