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American Institute of Physics



June/July 2001
Volume 7, Number 3


Color documents in the Internet era
Read in our magazine about the latest developments in presenting color on the Internet, download an online version of the article, and then customize your screen images so the colors match the print version---Raja Balasubramanian, Karen M. Braun, Robert R. Buckley, and Robert J. Rolleston

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Semiconducting polymers on display
Semiconducting polymers are entering the commercial marketplace as light-emitting diodes for displays and are being groomed as transistors for smart cards, labels, sensing devices, and electronic paper---by Jennifer Ouellette


Briefs: Intermetallic superconductor; fluorescing nanoclusters; silicon cage cluster; superconducting plastics --- Eric J. Lerner



Forum: A new venture in holographic storage
–Lisa Dahr

Business: Privacy issues tangle the web
--Justine Young Gottshall


Technology: Electronics with a twist
–Stuart A. Wolf, Daryl Treger, and Almadena Chtchelkanova

Opinion: Political shifts affect science funding
--Edward Furtek

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