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American Institute of Physics



June/July 1997
Volume 3, Number 2


Semiconductors shrink into the 21st century
The major driver for downscaling transistor size has been the need to achieve the highest density and greatest cost reduction per function or memory bit. But this trend can't continue indefinitely Yoshio Nishi


Digital displays with micromirror devices
An array of tiny switchable aluminum mirrors mounted over an addressable circuit on a silicon chip may one day replace cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal displays Jennifer Ouellette

Nanostructured materials get tough
Among the new designer materials, dense, utlrafine-grained solids with a high percentage of atoms at grain boundaries demonstrate marked improvement in corrosion- and wear-resistance, strength and hardness Jennifer Ouellette

Briefs, by David Pope

Salaries lose ground against inflation
Data from the recent American Institute of Physics salary survey show some ups and downs for physicists in industry Ken McNaughton


Editorial: Comets and stars Ken McNaughton

Letters to the Editor

Technology: Scanning for defects with microscopes L. Mule'Stagno and P. Torok

Materials: Beryllium: No longer just ballistic David Appell

Industry/Academia: Varian benefits from Monash input D. Oliver, T. Finlayson and J. Sullivan

Forum: They are jolly good fellows Diana Lutz

Opinion: Symbols of science policy John Rowell

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