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American Institute of Physics



June/July 1999
Volume 5, Number 3


Next-generation lithography
Current methods of optical lithography used to define the smallest features of microcircuits will not be adequate for the shrunken circuits of the near future. Two new technologies--based on extreme ultraviolet light and electron beams--have emerged as leading candidates--Eric Lerner

Giant magnetoresistance devices move in
In 1988, materials were discovered that exhibited larger-than-expected changes in resistance when magnetic fields were applied. Since then, useful devices based on these materials have been coming to market--Jim Daughton and Jerry Granley


Smart pixels wed optics and electronics
Smart pixels are devices that combine optical inputs and/or outputs with electronic processing circuitry that can be integrated into two-dimensional arrays. Applications could include high speed switching, computer interconnects, and flat panel displays--Jennifer Ouellette



Technology: Do no harm--Emmanuel Papadakis

Industry/Academia: Physics applied at Columbia University--Nancy Forbes

Careers: Health physicists: A breed apart--Mark Maiello

Forum: Voting goes virtual--Patrick Young

Hidden Physicists

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