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American Institute of Physics



August/September 2001
Volume 7, Number 4


Physicist leads theory group at Microsoft Research
Since joining Microsoft in 1997, Jennifer Chayes has begun to apply methods from mathematics and physics to problems in theoretical computer science, networking and information technology. Collaboration is the key---Jennifer Ouellette

Modeling the fuel cell
The development of tools for virtual prototyping is very important in the potentially huge fuel-cell market. A gallery of mathematical models is available for looking at the electrochemical processes and reactor models for optimization and design---Ed Fontes and Eva Nilsson


Briefs: Quantum stickiness put to use; molecular piston; fighting epilepsy; holographic data storage --- Eric J. Lerner



Industry/Academia: Managing conflicts of interest
--Nancy Forbes

Forum: Will your new business succeed?
–Jing Tian

Technology: Laser tracker maps three-dimensional features
–Bob Bridges and Kevin Hagan


New Products





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