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American Institute of Physics



August/September 2002
Volume 8, Number 4


Science goes exploring under the sea
Cutting-edge instruments are being developed for oceanography and deep-sea exploration, including autonomous underwater vehicles and robots modeled on natural swimmers such as tuna, pike,and lobsters---Jennifer Oullette

Printing meets lithography
It is possible to transfer a high-resolution pattern from an elastomeric stamp to a solid substrate by conformal contact. Applications are expected in semiconductors, micro- and nanoscale technologies, the patterning of biomolecules, and printing of catalyst arrays---Bruno Michel

Industrial diamonds gather strength
A new high-temperature process is producing 3-carat dimaonds; diamond film from chemical vapor deposition finds growing uses in industry---Eric J. Lerner

Introducing a bachelor of industrial physics
In the fall of 2003, a four-year liberal arts college in northeastern Pennsylvania will enroll its first class in a new bachelor's degree program in industrial physics that might serve as a model for other colleges and universities---David A. Larrabee


Briefs: ---Eric Lerner




Opinion: Barriers to thinking new about energy

Ask the Attorney: insider trading; stock options

Reprise: return to the moon

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