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August/September 2003
Volume 9, Issue 4


Protein research calls for advanced instruments
Now that the human genome has been resolved, the torch has passed from genomics to proteomics in a race to characterize proteins and their biological functions. Because of the importance of proteomics in deciphering life-threatening ailments, a whole new raft of cutting-edge instrumentation is being developed for the purpose---Ineke Malsch

A new wave of microfluidic devices
Scientists are making more complex systems of miniaturized channels with more sophisticated fluid-handling capabilities, including pumps, valves, mixers, filters, and separators. Microfluidic devices are already being used in ink-jet printers and lab-on-a-chip assays, but new methods of fabrication and enhanced flexibility are opening up applications in many other fields---Jennifer Ouellette

Grid computing made simple
Grid computing—enlisting large numbers of computers to work on a multi-part problem—allows a user to spread a complex calculation over hundreds, thousands, or even millions of computers on local area networks or over the Internet. The IBM OptimalGrid project is an attempt to simplify the creation and management of connected parallel applications on the grid--- James H. Kaufman, Glenn Deen, Toby J. Lehman, and John Thomas

Terahertz radiation: Applications and sources
Sources of terahertz (or sub-millimeter) radiation now are becoming more readily available. The ability of terahertz radiation to penetrate deep into organic materials without the damage associated with ionizing radiation such as X-rays lends itself to biomedical imaging and process and quality control. And optically pumped terahertz lasers are used for astronomy, environmental monitoring, and plasma diagnostics---Eric Mueller


Briefs: A magnetic microscope for the brain; spin and energy--free?; finest nanowire arrays; solar cell burnout



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