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American Institute of Physics



August-September 2004
Volume 10, Issue 4


Biomimetic nanotechnology
Using DNA, RNA, and a huge variety of proteins, living cells build complex molecules and create nonliving substances. Researchers are trying to mimic biology to form nanoscale devices and new materials.

Narrowing uncertainty in global climate change
A series of linked computer models at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is being used to predict the likelihood of serious climate change with and without policies to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide.

Scramjets integrate air and space
Supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet) engines breathe air, have no moving parts, and have potential as cruise missiles, global strike and reconnaissance craft, and space access vehicles.

Creating economic value from research knowledge
The rise of the global economy has caused industrial science and technology in the U.S. to change from closed innovation—where every step was done in-house—to open innovation—where ideas, people, and products flow across company boundaries.


News: Plasmon microscopy, quantum measurement, quantum entanglement, smoke spun into fiber


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