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American Institute of Physics



August 1999
Volume 5, Number 4


Making micromachines
New processes are making possible the production and assembly of much smaller, more complex three-dimensional devices. One example is the first walking, batch-fabricated silicon microrobot able to carry loads--Eric Lerner


The incredible shrinking microphone
Tiny microphones carved into silicon integrated circuits are now being manufactured by a variety of techniques. Targeted applications include hearing aids, active noise control, underwater acoustic sensing, and commercial electronics and audio technologies--Jennifer Ouellette

Sound Bite from The Incredible Shrinking Microphone:
Listen to a recording of Pavarotti singing the aria "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot made on a tiny silicon microphone by Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs

Salary spurt for industrial physicists
Physicists in industry who received their Ph.D.'s within the last five years report a median salary of $68,300, which is 15% higher than comparable salaries two years ago. A new report looks at how various factors affect the salaries of industrial physicists--Amanda Benedict and Raymond Y. Chu

Communicating via brain waves; fiber-optic cable; magnetic surgery--Eric Lerner


Hidden Physicists

Industrial Research: Past, present, and future--Patrick Young

Chaos at 35,000 feet--Nancy Forbes

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