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September 1996
Volume 2, Number 3


Tapping into Asia's successful R&D
Several Asian countries have bought their way into the big leagues of science and technology; a series of new tools and organizations make it easier to follow developments – Mike May

Pulsed-laser deposition: Thin films in a flash
The ability to replicate the composition of the target source in the substrate film is perhaps the greatest benefit of PLD – T. Venkatesan and Steven Green

Physics in Korean Industry
Korea, one of the poorest countries in the world a few decades ago, had the 11th largest economy in 1994. Physics helped transform Korean industry – Sook-Il Kwun


MEMS: Mega promise for micro devices
Miniature mechanical devices created from silicon using photolithograpic micromachining techniques are experiencing an explosion of industrial and commercial applications – Jennifer Ouellette

TRIZ-based tools promote innovation
The theory of inventive problem solving, invented in Russia fifty years ago, may become an industry standard in fostering technological invention, equipment design and process quality control – Jennifer Ouellette

AT&T divides to prosper


Geography counts
– Ken McNaughton

The quietly expanding rare-earth market – Diana Lutz

Micromachining with lasers – Henry Kobsa

A light and lively quartet – Anne Myers

First anniversary for FIAP – Len Brillson

Disagreeing without being disagreeable – Anne Baber and Lynne Waymon

Letters to the Editor

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