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American Institute of Physics



September 1997
Volume 3, Number 3


Science and art converge in concert hall acoustics
Reverberance chambers and electronic reflected energy systems are among two recent innovations in the drive to perfect the concert hall experience - Jennifer Ouellette

Design of experiments
Modern software allows experimenters to test multiple variables simultaneously and fit response data to mathematical equations - Mark Anderson


Contamination control in vacuum systems
A single silicon chip fabrication line can lose as much as $15 million a month from contamination-related defects. The semiconductor industry is seeking strategies for controlling contamination in vacuum manufacturing environments - Jennifer Ouellette

Briefs - David Pope NASA puts the heat on aerogels; Measuring the wind; The elusive blue laser


Coping with the cross traffic - Ken McNaughton

Holographic interferometry: Nondestructive tool - Howard Fein

Excimer lasers for industrial microprocessing - Dirk Basting and Heinrich Endert

Physicist transformed the quality of management - James Leonard

Computational Physics - Ken Hass

Find the hidden physicist - John H. Rigden

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