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October/November 2001
Volume 7, Number 5


Computer models define tide variability
A remarkable tidal model has been set up for Cook Strait, between the North and South Islands of New Zealand, using finite element analysis and basic laws of physics---Derek Goring

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Biomaterials facilitate medical breakthroughs
Many new materials with unique properties have been developed in recent years to replace damaged or diseased organs and tissues in the body. New techniques include surface modification and controlled biodegradation and drug release---Jennifer Ouellette


Briefs: Liquid marbles roll in tight places; chaos in weather forecasts; ultraviolet nanolasers; photonic transistor --- Eric J. Lerner



Forum: Will MgB2 work?
--Paul M. Grant

Technology: Shielding magnetic fields
--Arnold H. Green

Industry/Academia: E-learning advances by degrees
--Nancy Forbes

Business: Are you carrying trade secrets?
--J. Christopher Jensen


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