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American Institute of Physics



October-November 2003
Volume 9, Issue 5


Bioinformatics moves into the mainstream
Biology is awash in data and there is a growing need for computers to store, retrieve, analyze, and predict the composition and structure of biomolecules.

What's wrong with the electrical grid?
A massive blackout in August has forced a reexamination of the mixture of physics, engineering, economics, and politics that attempts to keep the power flowing.

Developing a chemical imaging camera
Infrared imaging technology has advanced to a point where it is a possible to generate a chemical-specific cube representing composition, wavelength, and intensity.

Penetrating the fog
High-intensity ultrashort laser pulses can overcome heavy scattering through a substantial fog and may be useful for getting high-bandwidth signals "the last mile" to individual homes.


Briefs: Penetrating the fog; Plasma self-organization; Stronger than spider silk; Slow light



Reprise: Spin and energy: free?

Societies:  AVS turns 50

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